Watch Fake Trump Supporters Get ‘Dog Walked’ in Anarchist Performance Art

Art collective Indecline wants to “dog walk your ass right to the truth” with Los Angeles guerilla project

Indecline, the artist collective best known for clandestinely installing statues of naked Donald Trump across America, has moved into performance art. Of course, their fierce political approach — and taste for the grotesque — hasn’t gone anywhere.

Inspired by Cardi B’s tweet-threat that she would “dog walk” Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren if she didn’t leave the Grammy winner alone, 20 white men donned T-shirts, MAGA hats and custom collars and were paraded down the Hollywood Walk of Fame by people of color and members of the queer community. Each collar, which was handmade by Brooklyn leather-goods designer DOOMEDnyc, came equipped with a dog tag baring the names of public figures the group deems racist, like David Duke, Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter. Tourists snapped photos of the spectacle, as children ran up to pet the faux dogs, and real dogs barked in confusion.